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Garbage Truck of Self Loading and Unloading

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Garbage Truck of Self Loading and Unloading is a new kind of garbage transfer truck which is produced by FUJIAN QUNFENG MACHIENRY CO., LTD., according to the demand of the international sanitary market. This truck is in good appearance, easy to manipulat...

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Garbage Truck of Self Loading and Unloading is a new kind of garbage transfer truck which is produced by FUJIAN QUNFENG MACHIENRY CO., LTD., according to the demand of the international sanitary market. This truck is in good appearance, easy to manipulate, flexible and widely used for garbage collection and transportation in city streets, houses and street.
1.Famous  chassis, hydraulic, electrical components, easy manipulation and reliable performance.
2.The special design of back flip bucket system can different size turn trash 120-240L.
3.Carriage is designed as bowl shaped, completely eliminate garbage and sewage leakage, solved the second-pollution in the transportation.
4.The high tilting discharging is simple, reliable, fast unloading and clean, which connects with the large and medium garbage compression vehicle docking, reduces garbage collection time, improve efficiency in the use of garbage compression vehicle.
5.Using scraper compression device, can greatly improve the garbage loading capacity and reduce operation cost.
6.The installation of a flushing system, can clean the garbage cans and garbage trucks, complying with the requirements of urban image.
7.The truck configures reverse image which extends operation view.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Data MQF5031ZZZH5 MQF5040ZZZF5
Chassis No. BJ1036D20FS BJ1046V9JB5-F1
Engineer Model/Power(kW) 4L18CF/50 4A2-88C50/65
Emission Standard GB V GB V
Top Speed(km/h) 90 105
Garbage box capacity(m³) 3.5 4.8
water tank capacity(L 127 127
Dump angle(°)  45 45
Outer Dimension(mm)                   4922×1710×2262 5415×1860×2555
Top weight(kg)    3490 4395

Garbage Truck of Self Loading and Unloading
Garbage Truck of Self Loading and Unloading

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As a model enterprise of China building material machinery, Qunfeng provides upscale and high-quality machinery with intelligent technology for their customers. Covering six continents with 7 overseas service stations and 24 domestic offices, Qunfeng has served 8000 clients from 110 countries and regions with more efficient intelligent manufacturing equipment. Qunfeng has earned great reputation in the world with its products being exported to high-level market worldwide, include Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania, Africa and North America. 

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