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Cement Brick MachinePaving Brick MachineTile Machine

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1. Technical specification of QFT6-15 concrete block, brick, interlock paver, curb stone, slab, wall tile making machine specification  Capacity per mould: 6 pcs/mould (Standard Block: 400x200x200mm) 21pcs/mould (Solid Block: 230x110x75mm) 15 pcs/mould (Interlock: 225×112.5x60mm) 21 pcs/mould&...

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1. Technical specification of QFT6-15 concrete block, brick, interlock paver, curb stone, slab, wall tile making machine specification
Capacity per mould: 6 pcs/mould (Standard Block: 400x200x200mm)
21pcs/mould (Solid Block: 230x110x75mm)
15 pcs/mould (Interlock: 225×112.5x60mm)
21 pcs/mould (Holland Brick: 200x100x60-80mm)
Cycle Time: 12-25 seconds
Capacity per shift(8 Hours): Hollow Block (400x200x200mm): 8640pcs
Solid Block (230x110x75mm): 40320pcs
Interlock (225×112.5x60mm): 18000 pcs
Holland Brick (200x100x60-80mm): 24192 pcs
Vibrating Frequency: 1500~4100 r/min.
Vibrating Force: 60KN
Motors Power: 37.5KW
Machine Dimensions: 3270X1850X3200MM
Pallet Size: 850X680mm
Gross Weight: about 8T

2. Advantages of QFT6-15 block, paver and curb making machine
 Vibration table is designed work in high frequency and low amplitude, increase        10% block strength and reduce at least 10db noise.
 Automatic Siemens control system and raw material ratio record system increase 20% efficiency
 Frequency conversion technology makes each hydraulic cylinder working with changeable speed: high speed in front period and slow down in rear period, which could reduce damage to finished block and machine/
 Fault alarm system, saving 30% time in troubleshooting.
 Moulds are processed with the procedures of carburizing, nitriding and quenching to make strength to HRC61, and lifespand at least 1,200,000 cycles.
3. Production line preparation:
 Labor: 6~8 workers/shift
 Electricity consumption: 50kW/hour
 Land:3500m2 (800m2workshop,500m2raw materials storage,600m2wet block curing yard,1600m2 finished block storage.)
 Guarantee period:12 months after block machine finished installation.
 Installation: Qunfeng will send one technician to install machine and train customer’s workers.

Cement Brick MachinePaving Brick MachineTile Machine
Cement Brick MachinePaving Brick MachineTile Machine
Cement Brick MachinePaving Brick MachineTile Machine

Cement Brick MachinePaving Brick MachineTile Machine

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As a model enterprise of China building material machinery, Qunfeng provides upscale and high-quality machinery with intelligent technology for their customers. Covering six continents with 7 overseas service stations and 24 domestic offices, Qunfeng has served 8000 clients from 110 countries and regions with more efficient intelligent manufacturing equipment. Qunfeng has earned great reputation in the world with its products being exported to high-level market worldwide, include Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania, Africa and North America. 

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